What About Music

How much time do you spend looking for your music? Well, if you have lots of songs then probably too much. With our 3 step system, this is going to be a thing of the past.

Let’s begin at the beginning. Coming from the CD era, I was keeping my mp3’s organized as I did my CD’s: alphabetic folders with the albums and the songs inside.

But I was always looking to find that one song, and it became a real problem.

One night, I was hanging out with my buddy (Al) who is a coding genius. We spend 30 minutes trying to find the right file, in great quality. We went through our hard drive, Spotify, and a few other streaming services.

I know you are probably wondering why we didn’t just type it in Youtube. Well if you have a high-res audio system of over $10K then you don’t want to play youtube movies.

To make a long story short, we build an app that will keep everything organized for you.

One place to search and Play your music. The app will make sure to get the best quality stream or file from one of the services that you connect.

And you can connect pretty much every service out there.

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