What Is the BarkBox Medium And Should You Get This Subscription Box?

The BarkBox medium was designed specifically for medium-sized dogs. There are all kinds of monthly subscription boxes available, but these boxes are made just for the four-legged friends in your life. If you want to spoil your dogs with tasty treats and fun toys, this is the type of subscription box you may be interested in checking out. Different types of products are sent out on a monthly basis, all of which are known to keep dogs entertained and satisfied.

Fun Toys to Keep Your Pets Entertained

Tired of always grabbing the same toys for your dogs? Do you feel like there isn’t much of a selection at your local pet store? If so, the BarkBox may have much more to offer to your pets than you’d typically be able to find at a local pet shop. The types of toys provided to your pet vary on a month-to-month basis, but all are sure to please your pets.

There are squeaky toys, puzzle toys, and even soft and cuddly toys that your dogs might like to rest with when they’re napping. You can check out the toy options before you even put in your order for one of these boxes.

two medium dogs testing a toy from barkbox

Tasty Treats to Give to Your Dog

Aside from different plush toys and squeaky toys, you’ll find lots of great treats to give to your pets when they’re behaving and listening to your commands. Many of the treats that are added to the BarkBox medium are made of all-natural ingredients and are great for your pet’s teeth. If you’d like to start giving your pet treats that are much healthier for them, you’ll love the variety of gifts that come in the box each month. When Smart Pet Toys reviewed Barkbox medium, they found it to a great way to spice up a dogs toys and awesome value. You can connect with them on Facebook for more info.

How to Get the Ordering Process Started

If you’re thinking of getting a BarkBox medium for your dogs, there are a few simple steps you’ll need to take to get the ordering process started. You’ll need to go to the website and select the exact size of your dogs. If you have one small dog and one large dog, you can always order separate boxes for them based on their sizes. Despite the different sizes of your dogs, all boxes are filled to the top with some tasty treats and neat toys.

Once you’ve selected the size of your dog on the site, you’ll need to choose the monthly plan. The price varies based on the program you want, but it’s possible to get a BarkBox for your pet for $20 each month, which is undoubtedly a steal when you think of all the great items that are included in the box. After choosing the plan that is right for you and your pets, you’ll get to create your account and complete the ordering process.

You can choose the add-on option if you’d like to splurge on your pet. The add-on option will only cost you a few more dollars per box. If you decide to pay the add-on fee, each dog will get a particular extra toy added to the box before it’s shipped out. Another great thing about these boxes is that you won’t have to worry too much about paying a shipping fee.

bulldog with barbox toy

Enjoy the Monthly Themes

You never have to worry about receiving the same items each month. In fact, there is a new theme for each monthly BarkBox. You can take a quick peek at some of these topics before they get shipped out to your home for your dogs to enjoy. Just look on the website, and you’ll quickly see the treats and toys that are going to get shipped out to your pets.

As a pet lover, you may want to do everything you can to keep your dogs entertained and satisfied with the treats they’re going to eat. If you’d like to find a better selection of toys and gifts than what you’d normally see at a traditional pet shop in your area, consider subscribing to the BarkBox. There are different plans available based on how many boxes you’d like to receive over the next few months. All of the boxes are stuffed with only the best of the best products available for dogs of all sizes.

What About Music

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